About Us

The early start to this journey began with a piece of property owned and loved by my wife's mother, Frances Hobby - hence the name FHR - Frances Hobby Ranch.  She always had dreams for the property.  In her honor, we chose to continue her legacy...and we believe we may have now exceeded any expectations she may have had.

Our longhorn journey is one that we simply repeated, like so many before us...we set out to buy a couple of longhorns, and it quickly turned into a fast moving train collecting up all the quality longhorns we could along the way.  The instant love you have for these animals, once you are exposed to them, is inexplicable to the uninitiated.  It is astounding the number of people who own longhorns that say all they have to do to relieve a stressful day is spend a few minutes with their animals in the pasture. 

Since our personal journey started, my wife of 52 years says she has never seen me so happy and relaxed.  As a 22-year Army veteran who flew attack helicopters, I have had a few restless nights.  Since my involvement in this longhorn industry, my wife says she has never seen me sleep so well.  You just can't imagine the significance or the value of that statement.  Bottom line...I'm hooked - hook, line and sinker - forever more; and my wife supports it.  Life just doesn't get any better than that.

It's not just the animals that get you; it's the people in the industry as well.  We've never met so many people that instantly take you in and want to help any way they can.  The best word picture I can give is...think of your favorite church you have ever experienced and the feeling of family you had while there, and that explains how longhorn family feels.  The people in this industry are simply amazing and such a joy to be around.
Along the way, I randomly met DeCarlo Noble through our shared appreciation for classic cars.  That turned into a great friendship.  We discovered by accident that we both also have a love of longhorns and then formed a partnership of mutual respect and like minds to fast track our growth in the industry.  My wife was hoping he would lend "adult leadership" to my obsession, but she now says that the two of us are a "dangerous" combination...in a good way, of course.

One of my many flaws (my wife will attest) is the inability to do anything on a small scale or below the highest standard possible.  That being said, with DeCarlo's partnership, we grew from 2 to 22 longhorns in 8 months; and we have enjoyed the process of learning, on the fly, from so many great people along the way.  Again, that goes back to the quality of people in the longhorn family.  People have helped us with so many aspects of this industry...how to spot a quality animal, value breeding, proper nutrition, medical needs, and how to take care of the land, as well, to name a few.
We have sought out the best of the longhorn industry to learn how not to just buy longhorns but to better the breed.  Nothing would make us happier than to know we made an impact while on this journey with longhorns.  The goal, for our animals, is for them to produce beautiful color, great horn growth, conformation, and gentle dispositions.  We will do the best we can to reach that goal, and the Lord will do the rest.
Another passion we have is for giving back.  You will find links to two of our favorite charities, the Custom Made Kid Foundation and the Green Beret Foundation on our home page.  Also, you will find a link to Infinity Golf Gloves LLC, a company formed in order to increase the amount of money we can give back to those foundations.
Custom Made Kid Foundation ("CMK") helps families with the cost of adoption.  It also increases awareness and educates adults and children alike about the journey of adoption.  CMK seeks to help adopted children understand God has a purpose for them.  Even though they didn't grow in their adoptive mommy's tummy, they did grow in their adoptive mommy's heart by God's design. 
The Green Beret Foundation ("GBF") provides assistance to the community of Army Special Operations' soldiers and their families.  Beyond what the government and other resources provide, GBF helps soldiers suffering from a variety of injuries with the long recovery process on a multitude of levels.  It also aids those families during the process of their loved one's recovery and those families of soldiers who didn't make it home.  They take care of their own but can always use additional support to do a better job of that process.

We hope you will take a journey through the foundations and see the value of support as we do.